Scouts WA Roping Council (Abseil Team) regularly conduct Scout Abseiling Days for Scout Patrols and Scout Troops at Stathams Quarry (Gooseberry Hill) and Mountain Quarry (Boya).   Abseiling Days are open to any Scout Patrols (or Scout Troops) with dates listed on the Branch Calendar and below.


In 2015, the Scouts WA Roping Council shall be continuing its aim is to:

a)   deliver abseil training to Venturers, Rovers, and Leaders in WA;

b)   deliver more abseiling to Scouts in WA, and make abseiling available to more scout troops.


Scout Abseiling Activity Days

21 March Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill Completed  
22 March Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill Completed
11 April Mountain Quarry, Boya Completed
12 April Mountain Quarry, Boya Completed
17 May Mountain Quarry, Boya Full
21 June Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill Full
27 June Mountain Quarry, Boya Full
18 July Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill 30 Positions Available
19 July Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill 15 Positions Available
 30 August Mountain Quarry, Boya 30 Positions Available
12 September  Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill 21 Positions Available
13 September  Statham Quarry, Gooseberry Hill Full
 Last Updated 20 April 2015

Cost is $25.00 per Scout.  No charge for leaders and registered adult supporters. Positions available are Scout positions, we can generally accomodate for 5-6 leaders and registered adult supporters per day.








Bookings & Enquiries


Before booking your Abseil Day, please download and read this booklet (below), the booklet outlines and explains our bookling policies.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Confirmation of your booking will be emailed back to you, along with an invoice that must be paid within 7 days of your confirmation/invoice being sent to you.     No refunds are offered for Scouts that do not attend, failure to pay for your booking by the due date will result in the booking being cancelled and made available to another Enquiry. 





Information for your Day

The Abseil Activity Plan booklet (below) has been developed by the Abseil team.    It is a collection of our knowledge and experience from running Scout Abseil Activity days.
It is an important part of you planning your day, and to make sure that you and your group is well prepared.      Please download a copy of the booklet and make time to go through each of the points listed with your Leaders, Registered Parent Supporters, and most importantly, your Scouts.
Abseil Activity Plan:


Risk Management Plan


Abseil team has developed this Risk Management Plan that you can use to attach to your R1 Application for Authority to Conduct and Activity (Risk Assessment). 


Please note that it is your (and your Groups) responsibility to complete and lodge this paperwork, and have all other necessary paperwork completed, as required by Scouts WA Policies and Procedures.




Abseiling with the Abseil Team


Abseil team can accomodate up to 30 Scouts for on a Scout Abseil Activity Day.
Scout Abseiling Days are aimed towards a Scout being introduced to Abseiling (Safe Abseiling and Communications) and being able to complete their "Abseiling Proficiency Badge" should they wish to do so.    
Cost for the day is $25.00 per Scout.

Become and Abseiling Activity Leader

Are you a Rover, Adult Member or registered Adult Supporter of the Association.   Abseil Activity Training is available to with training workshops running every second Tuesday / Thursday.   Full details can be found at webpage on the Roping Workshop.


Insight to 2015

Scouts WA Roping Council continue to deliver Roping Workshop to provide training to Venturers, Rovers and Leaders.     A new and exciting abseiling activity shall become available for Scout Patrols/Troops wishing to gain their Abseiling Prociency Badge during week nights.     Stay Tuned for more information on this activity.