Scouts WA Roping Council (Adventurous Activities) continues the Roping Workshop in 2015.    The Roping Workshop is open to Venturers, Rovers and Leaders wishing to develop skills in Abseiling (Artificial), Abseiling (Natural), and Climbing (Artificial).



abseilsetupAt the Roping Workshop you work along side Venturers, Rovers and Leaders to develop your own personal skills and abilities (at your own pace) in the areas of Abseiling and Climbing.    


You will learn many skills such as Knots, Rigging Pitch, Abseiling, Dispatching Participants, Locking Off, Belay, Self Belay, Prusik'ing, Crossing Knots, Changing Ropes, Roping Mobility, Vertical Rescue and much more.     The skills and the qualifications that you can achieve are at an Industry Standard and form part of the Certificate in Outdoor Recreation.      



To find out more about the Roping Workshop, emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here are some common questions :

  • Where is the Roping Workshop be held?
  • The workshop is held at the old hillview scout hall on Gibbs Road (Cnr Welshpool Road) in East Cannington.
  • The time for the workshop will be 7:00pm to 9:00pm (19:00 - 21:00)


  • How often will the Roping Workshop be held?
    • Roping Workshop are run every week (rotating between Tuesday & Thursday Evenings)


  Tuesday Evenings    Tuesday Evenings   Tuesday Evenings              Thursday Evenings   Thursday Evenings    Thursday Evenings
  20 January   2 June    6 October    15 January     11 June   15 October 
  3 February    16 June    20 October    29 January    25 June    29 October 
  17 February    30 June    3 November    12 February    2 July    12 November 
  3 March    7 July    17 November    26 February    16 July    26 November 
  17 March    21 July      12 March    30 July   
  31 March    4 August      26 March    13 August   
  7 April    18 August      16 April    27 August   
  21 April    1 September      14 May    10 September   
  5 May    25 September      28 May    24 September   
  19 May    29 September         


  • What will the cost be?
    • There is no cost.   The Roping Workshops are free.


  • Is it mandatory that I attend every session?
    • No!   It is your choice to attend, or not attend.
    • It is hoped that because you enjoy doing the workshop, that you will keep coming back.


  • What if I miss sessions, how will this affect me?
    • Learning is at your pace.
    • Like anything, the more effort you put into something, the more you will get out of it.
    • What you choose to learn/practice at the workshop will also be largely your decision.


  • Will it always be at the same location?
    • Yes!    It is a convenient place for us to develop our skills during the week
    • We shall also be going off to other locations to develop our skills and experience 


  • How am I assessed?
    • Assessments will be performed as and when needed, and in discussions with you.
    • They may involve one or more participants.
    • Most assessments are done on small segments, and are generally a practical assessment.


  • How soon would I expect to achieve a Certificate in Outdoor Recreation?
    • Because the learning is at your own pace, this will largely depend on you.
    • After a short time, the Activity Guides should be able to give you some ideas on timeframes.


  • Does this mean that small groups of people can go Abseiling?
    • With the right skills and qualifications, and as long as you meet the requirements of the Association
    • Yes, you could go on Abseiling and Climing adventures in small groups







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