The West Australian Scout Pioneering (WASP) crew build awesome structures (like camp gates, towers, rope bridges & many other structures).


Pioneering is one of the traditional scouting skills (found only in scouting) and is still very popular for community events.  Every year the WASP crew build the bridge for the Royal Show.


To assist in the promotion of Scouting, the WASP crew is available to setup a structure for your community event.


Pioneering Courses



The WASP Poineering course is available to Venturers, Rovers, and Leaders.


The aim of the WASP Pioneering course is to enhance your skill and knowledge so that you can be confident to operate a successful pioneering program within your own group or to develop their own skills.    Pioneering is also a great way to bring your leaders together in a unique team building environment.


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