GirlThe Aim of the Adventurous Activities Team is to :

  1. Define a set of Safe Operating Procedures and Risk Management Plans for all Adventurous Activities conducted by members of the Scout Association of Australia Western Australian Branch ("Scouts WA").
  2. To ensure that Safe Operating Procedures meet a high standard, conform to Industry Standards, and meet the expectations of the Community.
  3. Establish training for all Leaders and Members of Scouts WA that ensures Adventurous Activities conducted meet the Safe Operating Procedures.
  4. Establish Scouts WA as a recognised leader in delivering Adventurous Activities with the Outdoor Recreation Industry.


AALogoSmallAdventurous Activities Badge

The Chief Commissioner has approved the wearing of the Adventurous Activities badge on the Scout Leaders Uniform.    Any Leader that is a member of the Adventurous Activities Team, holds currency in two or more qualifications (or as approved by the Branch Commissioner Adventurous Activities) may wear the badge on their uniform.neal





For more information on how to obtain the Adventurous Activity badge or become part of the Adventuous Activities team please contact Neal McCleery This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..